Epilepsy Awareness Music Video

Epilepsy Awareness Charity Music Video

Some months ago I got a call from a chap who wondered if I could help him with a project he had brewing. He had been passed my details from a previous client and I came highly recommended.

Simon arrived to meet me at home one Sunday morning carrying a guitar case. Simon plays his own songs for pleasure in his Purple painted garden shed and goes by the name of 'The Garden Whistler’. The video that Simon wanted to produce was for Epilepsy Awareness.. Purple Day is in March of each year and for 2017 he wanted to write a song and have a video to accompany the song. From there Simon hoped to raise no only awareness but money to aid this Charity. You see, Simons Son George has Epilepsy, so the drive to help the Charity is close to his heart.

Yes, I got my own private audience with Simon performing the song; well half of the song. Simon was thinking ahead, planning and had yet to finish the song, but we had plenty of time and with what he played me, it was enough to enable us to agree on how we could make this video.

Over the following weeks, the song was finished and then recorded. Once I heard the song and got the lyrics we decided the video should visually follow the lyrics Simon has written. I produced a Storyboard and we set about planning shooting days and who could help in performing on camera. There would be quite a few people needed as each scene required a new cast of 'stars'.

In the end and by a stroke of good fortune we managed to complete filming all the scenes for the first Rush inside three weeks. The video will be release in early 2017 as it heads up awareness leading up to Purple Day in a March.

You can watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/184139642

Posted: September 2016