OKSE Kettlebell Championships, Sport Event Filming

OKSE Kettlebell Championships, Sport Event Filming

One of our regular clients asked Red Lime to both Photograph and Film a Kettlebell Event over two days in early 2016.

The kettlebell competition was organised by The OKSE and Big Kat Central, and attended by clubs from around the UK. The event ran over two days and featured several different styles of competition lifting for both male and female competitors.

Whilst the primary requirement was to capture photographs of the competitors, spectators and awards as they happened, a video to help promote the event in the future was high on the client brief.

Capturing a sports event like this is a challenge for lighting; a mix of natural light and artificial light makes colour correction on both photo and video a challenge. Often photographers and video editors may resort to black and white to avoid the issues of correcting the colour, but this looses all those vibrant colours in garments and equipment at a sporting event, so we wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

Filming an event is really about ensuring your are always ready and choosing the best angles. There is always lots and lots of footage that simply does not make the final cut. We had a plan in mind for the video in-so-far as how it would 'feel - short, fast and portray the power of the event. Post processing on the footage created a feel that displayed all those requirements and had a quite high colour contract which worked really well.

We were pleased that the video took off in a big way when released just a few days after the event. OKSE themselves posted the video online and this helped to ensure it received exposure to a huge audience and hopefully increase the number of people taking part in this great sport.

You can watch the video here: OKSE Kettlebell Sport Event Video

Posted: March 2016