Weekend Sun - Music Video Shoot

Weekend Sun - Music Video Shoot

We got asked to produce a music video for a band called Weekend Sun, based in Darlington. The track was a slow number; on a Waltz tempo, but about half way through goes into a 'trippy' melody. The songwriter had a germ of an idea for the video, which we discussed when I met him at the Majestic Theatre in Darlington. The theatre had recently been restored to reveal its former splendour; an Art Deco style.

I worked the concept up into a written story board (rather than a drawn one as time was very short between meeting and shooting day - 2 days!). The band loved the concept and on the Sunday morning we headed to Darlington.

As with all great plans - especially ones that require many aspects to come together quickly, there was a slight hiccup on the morning. The two people who were supposed to come along with tuxedo and elaborate dress to perform the Waltz could not come. Fortunately, several people were invited to watch the filming and asked to be dressed in appropriate attire as they may appear on camera, this meant we could pick a suitable replacement couple.

The Majestic Theatre Technician dispatched to provide light, sound and smoke when required worked tirelessly to get me what was needed for each shot and the venue even managed to supply endless cups of flavoursome Cappuccino to keep me going.

After about two hours of set up, testing of lights, smoke etc we were about ready to do a first take and over the following three hours filmed the band from multiple camera angles on two cameras.

The Street dancers were local and arrived at their required slot to warm up and prepare for filming. Tim Smith teaches break and street dance locally in Darlington and with his second dancer gave us all the shots with speed and efficiency.

Five hours in and we were done, it was a wrap. Over the following week I produced the first Rush, before two minor revisions to finalise the video.

Launch date for the song has yet to be decided, but after some airplay from BBC Radio; especially Craig Charles, we produced a short Teaser video ahead of the song and video release.

You can watch the Teaser video here: Words for a Waltz, Teaser Music Video
Another music video we filmed for Weekend Sun: Jose Paronella, Music Video

Posted: September 2016