Ade Payne - Start Again - Music Video

Ade Payne - Music Video

We produced a music video for Ade Payne, a local musician whose music style is best described as country rock.

The song that was to be turned into a music video was called 'Start Again'. Ade and I met and discussed the track and what ideas he had for the video. Ade was keen to have the video feature some typical 'golden shots' like most American Country tracks and his only other request was not to appear directly singing to camera.

The filming plan was to shoot scenes on dates that offered good weather and also Ade being free from any other commitments - a fairly loose schedule, as there was no delivery deadline. The first filming day was glorious weather and we managed to complete over half of the shots required, with all shots being filmed within about 2 miles of each other in the countryside, just a few miles outside of Harrogate. We utilised a very quite country road, some rocks, a old wooden shed and some fields and paths.

After we had the second day of filming in the bag the video was edited and from there both parties reviewed the video a few times over the course of about 4 months before we got together and discussed what we liked/disliked. Interestingly we both had a list of scenes we wanted to re-shoot, and even more incredible, the choice of scenes was EXACTLY the same.

Ade had an idea to shoot the replacement scenes in his garage. With some lights and coloured gels, to bring both light and interest, we spent the morning re-shooting Ade performing in his garage, surrounded by the trappings he had acquired and hoarded in his garage (something we felt was an interesting attribute to the video).

With the shots processed, coloured adjusted and some nice video effects to bring the video to life, the final cut was done and we were both really pleased with the finished result.

You can watch the video here: Ade Payne, Start Again, Official Music Video

Posted: March 2016