Alice Hughes Racing

Alice Hughes Racing

Red Lime headed to Donnington Park Race Track to watch Alice race her final weekend of the 2016 Season. Our mission was simply to enjoy the racing, chat with Alice and capture a few photos of Alice racing and in the garage.

The weather had other ideas for the day. Although the journey and arrival were good, as soon as we met up with Alice the rain started. We took cover in her garage and waited for the rain to ease. It didn't. Lunch came and went and the rain only got worse, so I broke out the camera equipment and took the opportunity the rain had given us.

We had hoped for quite a few different shots of Alice and her car, not least of her on track, but we settled for a few of her beside the car, relaxing, and a few set shots with helmet and gloves, but as news came that all racing was cancelled, conversation turned to the 2017 season.

This is the first year for Alice in her new Fiesta ST. Formally she had raced Mighty Minis with some great qualifying positions and race results. 2016 started with a car that had just been built from a stock road car. Her father was instrumental in getting the car from road to racetrack and through her ability on track they acquired some great sponsorship deals which besides making the car look AWESOME, mean they get some much needed help and support throughout the racing year. The field of cars she was racing against in 2016 will, in 2017 lose its Club status and become a fully fledged Cup. Alice has therefore worked tirelessly throughout the year to master this new car and to put her in good stead for the year ahead - including running with Ballast (normally added to the highest finishes in a previous race to even the field of for the slower cars).

So, after a few hours chatting to Alice and her team, Red Lime is set to be a Sponsor for Alice Hughes Racing from 2017. As No16 heads into the garage for Winter, we are planning video and photo shoots to increase the Alice Hughes Racing Brand profile and give her fans a greater chance to discover more about her and the team.

If you would like to learn more about Alice Hughes Racing follow their links below.

FACEBOOK: alicehughesracing

Posted: October 2016