British Kettlebell Championships 2016 - Photography

A video with power, sweat and energy for the British Kettlebells Competition 2016

Red Lime have been providing a local Martial Arts and Kettlebell gym; Big Kat, with Video, Photography and design work since early 2016. The British Kettlebells Championships was a big event for those who take part in competitive kettlebells and the third similar event we have been asked to photograph and film.

Chris Guyll; one of the owners of Big Kat in Harrogate is a driving force behind gaining a wider awareness of competitive kettlebell sports within the UK and further afield. With backing from the GSU (Girevoy Sport Union), North Yorkshire Sport and a number of local based sponsors the event was primed to be the big finale of the year. Throughout 2016 we have produce lots of design and photography for a new League called Grassroots, which has taken off in a huge way. Grassroots aims to get clubs competing with other clubs, whilst also increasing awareness of the sport to brand new members. Grassroots has helped attract clubs and individuals into competitive kettlebells and help raise awareness of a National Competition.

The British Championships is a chance for any club to bring a team to participate. There is however, very much a personal aim for every participant - achieving personal goals, whist club and regional level is also at stake.

The video was a chance to encapsulate the event and provide a video record of the Sweat, Power and Energy of the Championships.

The event was held in Harrogate and so very easy for Red Lime to attend. We provided both photography and videography covering most participants in most classes on the day. We like to be responsive and strike whilst the iron is hot, and so had a large number of images, processed and online for those that took part to review and share within 3 hours of the event. Needless to say they were LIKED and SHARED extensively over the next 24 hours and feedback was great.

The video was a chance to encapsulate the event and provide a video record of the Sweat, Power and Energy of the Championships. A suitably lively audio track provided the backing and with a video containing lots of fast paced cuts, energetic transitions and effects and a liberal sprinkle of audio enhancement the video was finished with 24 hours of starting.

From posting online the video was shared via Facebook 29 times and managed over 1000 views on YouTube within 3 days. Feedback has been fantastic, so we are hoping that it will engage new people to join the sport as well as provide all those that took part with a wonderful record of the event.

You can watch the video here: British Kettlebell Championships Video

Posted: November 2016