Recruit4Vets - Vetenary Nurses testimonial videos

Recruit4Vets - Vetenary Nurses testimonial videos

Customer testimonial videos; persuasive, informative and really enjoyable to make.

Recruit4Vets were a new client for us when they contacted Red Lime to ask us to price up filming for two testimonial videos featuring real Veterinary Nurses discussing how they found using Recruit4Vets service to find work as a Locum Nurse.

The brief and shooting of these type of videos is often really straight forward and with the right equipment as a single person shoot is a great challenge - especially carrying all the equipment required to the third floor offices.

The client was super organised and had all the questions pre-prepared, arrange for two candidates who were happy to appear on camera and also had a location in their Boardroom that served to make a good backdrop to the shoot as free from any outside noises.

Filming consisted of two cameras, two lights and audio recording equipment. Since the client did not want the questions featured in the video, the Nurses were instructed to ensure they covered the questions in their response, so that it made sense to the viewers and in fact we only needed to re-shoot one question where this was forgotten. The use of two cameras for this type of filming meant that any dialogue cuts could be masked by a change of camera angle.

One further part of the video that Red Lime had to produce was the video title sequence. The company Managing Director has a Black Labrador that comes into the office and has become a sort of company mascot. We had to produce a title sequence featuring ideally the same breed of dog for this purpose. So on a freezing cold morning, armed with camera equipment, I found myself in a park where i felt I had the best chance of finding early morning dog walkers. After about half an hour of sizing up dogs, I spotted the perfect 'model' and after a brief introduction and explanation, I managed to shoot enough footage without distracting them from their cold walk to provide the frames I needed to Rotoscope the animation.

Each frame of the dog walking was input and re-drawn, then sequenced to ensure the steps flowed correctly. Form there, it was moved across the screen to reveal the logo - take alike and see!

You can watch the video here: Recruit4Vets Testimonial - Juliette
You can watch the video here: Recruit4Vets Testimonial - Claire

Posted: January 2016